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MCX is an Interactive game within the world of Second Life. Designed around the motorcycle club theme, we have found a great way to create a community driven game for the residents of Second Life.

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Joining MCX is very easy. You can click on any beacon in world and it will send you a group invite and HUD. You can also get your HUD on marketplace. 

Yes! You can create your own club, when activating your HUd for the first time it will ask you if you want to create your own club, join Zireaha ( our MC), or be a truly independent rider. 

In order to get into Club Manager you must have media enabled in the viewer. Click here for instructions on how to enable media.

Street Cred can be earned multiple ways. You can do Drug Drop-Offs, Cash Drops, Smuggle Runs, and even get Street Cred for riding an MCX Compatible Motorcycle. Riding an MCX Motorcycle will also increase your mileage rewards.

Mileage can be earned by either using a MCX Compatible Motorcycle or by completing smuggle runs. 

Beacons can be disabled for multiple reasons. All Beacons must be placed in publicly accessible areas and scripts must be enabled. If you have verified both of these requirements,Contact Us.

Currently, we are only accepting Bloggers, Marketing, Bike Builders, and Clothing Designers. If you have an idea on how to collaborate with us, please reach out to Ansley Morningstar.

Club MCX is MCX’s Branded MC. We are a group of MCX Players who like to ride together and enjoy hanging out at community events. 

Our Ride Outs are posted on the event page and notified to all Club MCX MC Members. You can control which notifications you see in your settings panel. 

Advancing in Club MCX is based upon Mileage and Buddys. You can set your buddy via your HUD, As you gain Mileage is Buddys, You will gain Rank. There are no politics in Club MCX.

To Join Club MCX you will need to go to your settings page and click Join Club MCX. 

Club MCX is not beholden to any group. It is truly a friendly group of people. We do not tolerate excessive drama, griefing, etc.